Dear interested parties,

I would like to express my appreciation for everyone's valuable input; the
time and effort put into this matter. I doubt there is much left to be
added as both sides argued at length.

Speaking from a technological point of view, I want to restate that I also
do not like the current extreme vendoring situation (which plagues Go,
especially, but not only). In the particular case of Kubernetes though,
while it is not ideal, I still do not see a better way for now. I have
tried to carefully weigh this in March, and have reevaluated it again over
the past few months. After the TC decides I am planning carry on with the
work to make Kubernetes happen in Debian, in some form or another. For
example. at the moment it is quite some work to set up a workable cluster
(I have set up test clusters passing the integration tests with every
binary I have uploaded).

Speaking personally, as a DD since 2001, I have read copious amounts of
bickering on debian-private and debian-devel. So I was pretty sure that a
heated discussion is all but unavoidable. I was not looking forward to it,
but I wanted progress. I have attempted to convey this in README.Debian
too, but in retrospect those were not the most cooling words either, and I
am sorry for that (reworded in 1.19.4-2, linking to this bug). The amount
of personal insults I have received, both publicly and in private, is truly
alarming :-( Debian will blaze ahead with or without Kubernetes in stable
(or at all), it won't however work at all without people.

Thank you.


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