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> > ]] Shengjing Zhu 
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> >> Firefox is special, since for Debian desktop users, they need a browser. Is
> >> kubernetes same here?
> >
> > FWIW, the lack of Kubernetes or a similar orchestration platform (mesos,
> > nomad, docker swarm) in stable has been keeping back development of the
>                           ^^^^^^
> Do you really mean stable here?  I had gained the impression that there
> was no prospect of Kubernetes getting into stable, regardless of the
> details of how it ends up being packaged.  Have I misunderstood?

I do mean stable.  I was making a narrow comment about how special or
not Kubernetes is, I don't know if the goal is for it to reach stable or

(My comment above was also slightly imprecise, I've since learned that
Docker Swarm is in Debian, in the docker.io package, thanks to Shengjing
Zhu who pointed it out in private email.)

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