I see that network-manager 1.28.0-2 has been uploaded, with (inter alia) the following changelog entry:

* Demote libpam-systemd to Recommends.
 This allows users to use and experiment with other init systems. Such a
 setup is neither tested nor fully supported and users need to be aware
 that some functionality might be broken. (Closes: #921012)

I don't know if Michael has discussed this with you in private, and that you thus know why this change was made (rather than adjusting the dependency as requested).

While this does address the co-installability of network-manager with elogind, I would like you to still say something officially about the issue, please, since this is not the only affected package.

As an example, bug 923387 (which Michael is also maintainer of) for udisks2, where the dependency must be a Depends not a Recommends (so the workaround used for network-manager won't help). Like 921012, Michael closed it on 2020-03-15 and Mark re-opened it (since the bug wasn't resolved) on 2020-07-02, and there has been no input from him since. I submit that this is technically substantially the same issue, and that you might usefully rule on it unless Michael has told you he plans to fix that already. I don't think (especially given the incoming freeze) that it does anyone any good to have to re-hash the same arguments about that bug.



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