On 16/01/2021 01:39, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
Matthew Vernon dijo [Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 09:07:03PM +0000]:

Please overrule the maintainer in #923387 so that it is can be used on
systems with elogind; it has been tested and shown to work thus as well as
being supported by upstream[1].

As it was mentioned on a previous mail to this thread, this discussion
on including an elogind dependency was done WRT network-manager. An
agreeable solution was brought forward by the maintainer. #923387
(udisks2) was just mentioned in this discussion. Maybe an amicable
solution can be tried before asking the TC outright to overrule the

The maintainer won't talk to me, nor will they engage with me (or anyone else) on this thread, though they will it seems talk to the TC in private.

I think, though, that it is common ground between submitter and maintainer that the Depends is necessary for udisks2 (unlike in network-manager where it turned out not to be).

There was some discussion about whether elogind works with udisks2 in early 2019 and again in early 2020. On 2020-03-15 Nils draws the maintainer's attention to the explicit mention of elogind support in udisks upstream changelog.

Later that day, the maintainer closed and archived(!) the bug, for reasons they decline to elaborate on.

Mark reopened on 2020-07-02 on the basis that the bug isn't fixed.

Adam sent a ping on 2020-12-31, reminding the maintainer that udisks2 is important for a range of desktop software, that the freeze is coming, and that udisks2 works with elogind, and asking them again to apply the (trivial) patch.

There has been no input from the maintainer of this package for over 9 months.

Mark tells us that there are not currently any other packages which could be
used with elogind were it not for an incorrect dependency on libpam-systemd,
so I hope we don't need to worry about the broader question any further.

Given the arguments are prone to be very similar, and the issue itself
will unfold in a similar fashion, can we try to have a different
process? One that does not bring so much heat? I hope a very similar
resolution can be had for #923387 - without needing a six-week-long discussion.

I don't think this bug can be resolved by downgrading the Depends: to a Recommends:. The maintainer may be able to correct me on that point.

We are getting very close to the freeze; without this fix it will be impossible to install a range of desktop software on a bullseye system that runs any init system other than systemd.

The maintainer may not like elogind, but udisks supports elogind, and the project resolved that technologies like elogind that enabled alternative init systems were important to the project.

I have not come to the TC to ask them to overrule the maintainer frivolously nor before exploring as many other options as I could. The TC is Debian's body for resolving issues of this sort, and the maintainer will at least talk to you. Naturally, if you can persuade them to fix 923387 in a way that means we can use udisks and elogind together in Debian in bullseye I would be delighted. But otherwise, I think you must overrule them, and soon enough that they can upload a fix so it gets into bullseye.



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