On 10/01/2021 20:03, Simon McVittie wrote:

If you intend the scope of this bug to involve overruling maintainers'
decisions in packages other than NM, what other packages/bugs did you
have in mind? Is it just udisks2/#923387, or are there more?

I understand (but I don't think it has been explicitly stated) that the TC is going to decline to overrule on the question of init scripts?[0] I'm going to beg that question for the rest of this mail, but obviously if I'm wrong that will increase the scope somewhat.

Please overrule the maintainer in #923387 so that it is can be used on systems with elogind; it has been tested and shown to work thus as well as being supported by upstream[1].

Mark tells us that there are not currently any other packages which could be used with elogind were it not for an incorrect dependency on libpam-systemd, so I hope we don't need to worry about the broader question any further.



[0] to that end, orphan-sysvinit-scripts is in NEW, and while I hope your ruling will not result in a bonfire of perfectly good init scripts, I hope that maintainers who decide to ditch them will let us know so we can add them there [1] I've not restated my rationale about how technologies like elogind are important to the project per GR etc etc. I can if you like, but I don't think that's necessary here

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