Am Do., 18. Mai 2023 um 20:39 Uhr schrieb Luca Boccassi <>:
> [...]
> We heard so much in the past couple of weeks about how important it is
> for the project not to cause issues for derivatives and
> cross-compatibility use cases, even speculatively. This is not even
> speculative, it is certain to cause damage (as we experienced first
> hard last year), I don't see how we can ignore it after all of these
> discussions.

Speaking as maintainer of two Debian derivatives (PureOS and an
internal one), keeping this warning means we will need to patch dpkg
which of course is possible, but also a bit annoying. It is also odd
that Debian's configuration suddenly becomes "invalid" just by
changing the name of the OS.
(FWIW, PureOS has been usrmerged before Debian did that officially,
and so was Ubuntu - so far we haven't experienced any issues and our
users are happy - syncing dpkg without patching it will for sure cause
a lot of confusion though).


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