Adrian Bunk writes ("Re: Debian does not have customers"):
> If you want to be honest, you have to tell users that they shouldn't 
> waste their time on reporting bugs against the ancient versions of
> such packages in stable.
> It is not likely that anyone will ever look at these bugs - they are
> clutter from the moment they are being reported.

There are probably _some_ bugs it's worth reporting in stable against
GNOME packages.  But I agree, and it would be nice to have a good way
for package maintainers to communicate this kind of information to

It needs to be a decision for the package maintainer, since they know
what kinds of bugs are useful.

Personally I like the fact that for most of the software I use, the
churn rate is low enough and the quality high enough that reporting
even minor bugs in stable is useful because the bugs are usually also
in sid, and could be fixed there based on my report.


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