The Wanderer <> writes:

> A closed bug is presumptively a fixed bug (because bugs which have been
> fixed get closed).

I think this is only an assumption that would be made by someone who
wasn't familiar with bug tracking systems?  There are usually a whole
bunch of different reasons to close a bug other than because it was

The Debian BTS doesn't have close states, so we just don't track that
information and this assumption is even more wrong for the Debian BTS than
for most.  We do not distinguish between closed wontfix, closed invalid,
closed works-for-me, or closed fixed.  So you really can't draw any strong
conclusions from the mere fact the bug is closed.  Some people add the
wontfix or unreproducible tags when closing, but a lot of people don't,
and it's not mandatory.

I would only assume a bug was fixed if I saw it closed by a changelog
entry.  Anything other than that would require reading the bug log to
understand what happened.

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