On Fri, 16 Aug 2019, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> I am a bit surprised, from the first day on we said that there are limited
> ressources for ci and that you should be nice to the service. Thats even
> documented: 
> "We mean that. Really. Be nice to the server. At some point in the future we 
> hope to add some dedicated Runners servers - Sponsors welcome! ;)"

And in the same message, you mention that you are looking for sponsors to
get more resources... so you clearly did not shut the door to grow the
service and I thank you for that.

I understand it's not always as easy as throwing additional resources on
it... otherwise it would not be a problem. You would not have too much
trouble to get more resources.

I saw an offer in this thread
(CAMr=8w4ArFb_rdAqr60U5zYuqwEFLbvGgj=scxflug9yfh+...@mail.gmail.com from
Aron Xu) and I also saw the discussion on IRC
suggesting that we should spend the money we got donated to actually buy
hardware we need. And I'm sure that a public call for sponsors would
get some significant results as well.

> And we mean it that way, so don't be surprised if we tell you that you
> overload things.

I'm not surprised, I learnt to expect it from you ;-)

> We are always improving things, but anyhow, there are
> limits - as it is for every other service within debian. 


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