>> - Those environments in need for limits/beancounters (disk quota
 >>   etc.) May probably have to wait another six months or so until it
 >>   will be available in LXC. Till then it is quite possible to run on
 >>   2.6.26 with OpenVZ and then migrate things to LXC.

 Marco> So it will not actually be available in squeeze, and squeeze
 Marco> cannot work with the lenny kernels unless they are rebuilt with
 Marco> CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED=n. You could as well have said proposed
 Marco> to wait and use the RHEL6 kernels.

I did not propose anything. I just pointed out one possible migration
path from OpenVZ to LXC. I have a few servers running testing with
2.6.26. One could wait (read "not upgrade") till LXC provides for
beancounters etc. and then migrate to squeeze and thus LXC.

And yes, squeeze rc1 would probably not have beancounters but some later
rc would probably provide it in case the kernel gets an update. As for
RHEL6, nobody seems to know when it will be released.

One thing I am sure, I am not proposing to wait for RHEL6 kernels since
I am in favor of LXC since it is in mainline and not maintained out of
tree as is OpenVZ.

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