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IV. Disclaimer of Warranties and Liabilities; Indemnification
4. You shall indemnify, defend and hold all (co)authors of This Product, their agents and associates, and applicable copyright/trademark owners, harmless from/against any liability, loss, expense, damages, claims or causes of action, arising out of Your use, inability to use, reproduction, (re)distribution, import and/or (re)export of This Product (or portions thereof) and/or Your
breach of any term of this License.

Warning!  Indemnification clause: is it acceptable?  It smells as

Ok. Lets look closely at this.

In most of those cases, I cannot see any valid reason for anybody (except perhaps myself) to sue the company for those actions. Without knowing exactly what sort of things the company could be liable for based on my actions, and thus what type of liability I am indemifying them from, I cannot make any sort of freeness judment on this part of the licence.

Could somebody give examples of what sort of liabilty for them could result from my perfroming the listed actions?

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