On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 5:04 PM, Pierre-Elliott Bécue <be...@crans.org> wrote:
> On mer. 30 sept. 2015 à 23:13:26, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:
>> [Thomas Goirand, 2015-09-30]
>> > Piotr decided to remove me from the Python team.
>> DPMT and PAPT to be precise, yes
>> > is an over reaction and that it should be reverted.
>> I talked with you many times in private about your involvement in the
>> teams over last ~3 years and since I kind of forced other admins into
>> accepting you, I also take all the blame for removing you.
>> As I said in the private mail earlier today, if you still want to work
>> with me, I'm happy to review / sponsor your commits in DPMT or help with
>> any problems you might have with tools I wrote.
> Dear Piotr,
> Even if I'm not in the team and thus I do not decide of anything, I
> wonder if that's an appropriate answer, regarding the initial trouble.
> We are currently talking about preventing Thomas to maintain his
> packages that has DPMT as maintainer, because he uploaded something in
> experimental, which is neither a release, nor a distro of any kind.
> Considering the potential trouble it'll lead to (as for an example it'll
> probably send my attempt to package mailman3 to nowhere), and the
> potential bad consequences for python team (some packages no longer
> maintained, etc), does it worth it?
> --


I'm new to the team, mailing list, etc. (honestly, I never had a
chance to formally introduce myself to everyone) but it looks as if
Piotr has had several instances in the past where he's had to
discipline Thomas. I doubt this is an action that Piotr took lightly.
Further, I doubt those packages will suddenly go unmaintained.

Please continue working on mailman3, it will benefit the community far
more than the outcome of this apparent disciplinary action.


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