On jeu. 01 oct. 2015 à 08:09:51, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:
> [Pierre-Elliott Bécue, 2015-10-01]
> > Even if I'm not in the team and thus I do not decide of anything, I
> > wonder if that's an appropriate answer, regarding the initial trouble.
> > 
> > We are currently talking about preventing Thomas to maintain his
> > packages that has DPMT as maintainer, because he uploaded something in
> which packages? All of them are in OpenStack team and few that list
> Thomas as co-maintainer have other maintainers who can commit changes.
> > experimental, which is neither a release, nor a distro of any kind.
> I would not remove someone due to technical mistake (or several made not
> on purpose) - that's not the case here. I did that because I see no hope
> in change of behaviour (and I was warned about it from day one and I *did*
> try to change it several times).
> There's something good that comes out of it, though:
> I was afraid to accept new members after two that caused more harm than
> good and now I have solution to that problem: everyone who wants to be
> in the team, automatically is! Yes, from now on we will not (or at least
> I will not) stop you from contributing if you don't have write access.
> No more "you cannot contribute, stay away, do not send patches" policy!
> Every new member can now send commits to me and I will push them to the
> repo (both svn/git and unstable). If you want write access, just bombard
> me with commits to review (the same way my sponsorees force me to ask
> them to join NM queue - just send contribution and learn from problems I
> pointed out). Thomas is the first person I asked to do that.

Thanks for your answer, I hope all this will go well.

Ack for the last part, but I'll have to finish my packages and become
maint/dev before I can do all of this.



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