[Pierre-Elliott Bécue, 2015-10-01]
> Even if I'm not in the team and thus I do not decide of anything, I
> wonder if that's an appropriate answer, regarding the initial trouble.
> We are currently talking about preventing Thomas to maintain his
> packages that has DPMT as maintainer, because he uploaded something in

which packages? All of them are in OpenStack team and few that list
Thomas as co-maintainer have other maintainers who can commit changes.

> experimental, which is neither a release, nor a distro of any kind.

I would not remove someone due to technical mistake (or several made not
on purpose) - that's not the case here. I did that because I see no hope
in change of behaviour (and I was warned about it from day one and I *did*
try to change it several times).

There's something good that comes out of it, though:
I was afraid to accept new members after two that caused more harm than
good and now I have solution to that problem: everyone who wants to be
in the team, automatically is! Yes, from now on we will not (or at least
I will not) stop you from contributing if you don't have write access.
No more "you cannot contribute, stay away, do not send patches" policy!
Every new member can now send commits to me and I will push them to the
repo (both svn/git and unstable). If you want write access, just bombard
me with commits to review (the same way my sponsorees force me to ask
them to join NM queue - just send contribution and learn from problems I
pointed out). Thomas is the first person I asked to do that.
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