[Ben Finney, 2016-04-12]
> I am packaging a code base, which has a test suite. The compiled byte
> code from the test suite run, is being collected when Pybuild discovers
> the resulting Python packages.
> As far as I can determine, these steps are occurring:
> * Pybuild runs the upstream test suite
> * which imports the Python packages
> * which creates the compiled bytecode files
> * which remain in the package directories
> * which are scooped up by Pybuild for installation

* which should be removed by dh_python3

> * which leads to Lintian correctly complaining
>   “package-installs-python-pycache-dir”.
> How do I convince Pybuild to run the tests as part of the package build
> (as normal), but clean up the compiled files *after* the tests and
> *before* gathering the installed files?

does your package name start with python3- or do you have
${python3:Depends} in Depends?

(yeah, something dh_python* should be more verbose about, will be fixed
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