> PYBUILD_NAME and PYBUILD_DESTDIR are pybuild related, dh_python3 doesn't
> use them. By changing --install-lib you modified destination directory
> anyway (and you should point dh_python3 to the same dir - it doesn't
> know about pybuild's existence)

FTR: PYBUILD_DESTDIR is like DESTDIR but allows to set different dirs for
each interpreter and PYBUILD_NAME is something that can be used if all
your PYBUILD_DESTDIRs follow standards (so instead of defining destrid
for Python 3, Python 2, debug interpreters, pypy, etc. you can just
define a name that will be used to set destdirs correcly - all this is
optional, you can use dh_install if you want)

> That said, removing __pycache__ everywhere is harmless and dh_python3
> should remove it even if you don't tell it to check given dir. I will
> change that.

actually that should be the case already so I don't know why it didn't
work for you. My guess is you didn't run dh_python3 at all
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