[Ben Finney, 2016-04-13]
>     package_share_dir = /usr/share/${PACKAGE_NAME}
>     export PYBUILD_INSTALL_ARGS ?= \
>            --install-lib=${package_share_dir}/ \
>            --install-scripts=${package_share_dir}/
> So with Pybuild configured correctly, that should mean I don't need to
> also fiddle manually with ‘dh_python3’. Yes?

No. pybuild and dh_python3 are two separate things. I do my best to
separate them (so that you can replace any of them at any time and the
other one will still work - f.e. you can use dh_py{support,central}
instead of dh_python2 or dh_install instead of pybuild).
This is why you have to pass '--with python3' to dh even though you
already have '--buildsystem=pybuild'.

If you configure pybuild to install into some custom location that is
not checked by dh_python3 - you have to tell dh_python3 to handle that

Why it doesn't check all dirs?  well, if you had a good reason to
install into custom dir (a plugin for different app, an example file, a
documentation, ...), dh_python3 will not mess with your files and let
tools that handle that dir do their job (note that it's possible that
it still will be handled later by the same tools dh_python3 uses:
py3compile/py3clean but via other package's trigger)
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