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> [Ben Finney, 2016-04-13]
> > One complication may have been that the directory name to which the
> > library was installed (with the “--install-lib” option) does not
> > contain the Debian package name.
> […] By changing --install-lib you modified destination directory
> anyway (and you should point dh_python3 to the same dir - it doesn't
> know about pybuild's existence)

I'm not invoking ‘dh_python3’ directly, I am telling ‘dh’ to do it:

    dh $@ --with python3 --buildsystem=pybuild

To my mind that should cause Pybuild to tell ‘dh-python3’ everything it
needs to know, because I've configured Pybuild:

    package_share_dir = /usr/share/${PACKAGE_NAME}
    export PYBUILD_INSTALL_ARGS ?= \
           --install-lib=${package_share_dir}/ \

So with Pybuild configured correctly, that should mean I don't need to
also fiddle manually with ‘dh_python3’. Yes?

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