Piotr Ożarowski <pi...@debian.org> writes:

> [Ben Finney, 2016-04-12]
> > * Pybuild runs the upstream test suite
> > * which imports the Python packages
> > * which creates the compiled bytecode files
> > * which remain in the package directories
> > * which are scooped up by Pybuild for installation
> * which should be removed by dh_python3

How does ‘dh_python3’ know to do that? Are there settings I should look
at to tell ‘dh_python3’ what to do when it misses some files?

> > * which leads to Lintian correctly complaining
> >   “package-installs-python-pycache-dir”.
> > 
> > How do I convince Pybuild to run the tests as part of the package build
> > (as normal), but clean up the compiled files *after* the tests and
> > *before* gathering the installed files?
> does your package name start with python3- or do you have
> ${python3:Depends} in Depends?

The problem is no longer occurring, because I have tweaked some of the
directories and package names around.

One complication may have been that the directory name to which the
library was installed (with the “--install-lib” option) does not contain
the Debian package name.

When I change that, it works; I don't know why.

The documentation for ‘PYBUILD_NAME’ and ‘PYBUILD_DESTDIR’ don't help me
to understand what is happening when things go wrong. The latter,
especially, makes no sense to me and the man page doesn't help me know
what effect setting that variable will have.

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