The OpenStack packaging team has been sprinting at DebCamp, and we're
finally ready to move all general Python dependencies for OpenStack over
to DPMT. (We'll keep maintaining them, just within DPMT using the DPMT

After chatting with tumbleweed, the current suggestion is that we should
migrate the packages straight into gbp pq instead of making an
intermediate stop with git-dpm. We'll try to catch up with Piotr
sometime this week too.

The alternate wiki page for the gbp pq workflow seems to have been
mostly updated, but leaves a few questions:

- Will DPMT be following DEP-14 and using the branch name debian/master
instead of master?

- The gbp pq workflow page still points at the general Debian git-dpm
instructions in the links for "import an existing .dsc file" and "start
from scratch". Are there alternate versions of those pages for gbp pq

- Does DPMT prefer signed tags or unsigned tags, the wiki page is pretty
agnostic on the topic.

- Are there other lingering workflow questions for gbp pq not yet
recorded on the wiki page?


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