2017-08-06 12:26 GMT-04:00 Scott Kitterman <deb...@kitterman.com>:
> I don't work on the OpenStack packages, but I do maintain a reasonable
> number of Python packages.  I always work from the released tarball.  I
> haven't added the keys yet to verify all my packages, but am gradually
> doing so as I have time.
> I know some people like working from the upstream git (and the team
> maintenance workflow allows for either), but I definitely prefer working
> from the upstream tarballs and appreciate the effort that goes into
> producing them.

It's not always possible/simple/nice to use sdist, because it contains
prebuild docs. And I don't like to do +dfsg rebuild just for removing docs.
Sometimes sdists doesn't contain tests.

So my preference is:

   - use sdist if it's possible (have tests, don't have prebuilds, ...)
   - use git tag tarballs (https://github.com/<group>/<projects>/tags)

I already migrated few packages OS->DPMT so far.

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