On 2017-08-06 14:11:13 -0400 (-0400), Ondrej Novy wrote:
> It's not always possible/simple/nice to use sdist, because it contains
> prebuild docs. And I don't like to do +dfsg rebuild just for removing docs.
> Sometimes sdists doesn't contain tests.
> So my preference is:
>    - use sdist if it's possible (have tests, don't have prebuilds, ...)
>    - use git tag tarballs (https://github.com/<group>/<projects>/tags)
> I already migrated few packages OS->DPMT so far.

Why would you need to repack a tarball just because it contains
prebuilt docs (non-DFSG-free licensed documentation aside)? I'm all
for rebuilding those at deb build time just to be sure you have the
right deps packaged too, but if the ones in the tarball are built
from DFSG-compliant upstream source, included in the archive for
that matter, then leaving the tarball pristine shouldn't be a policy
violation, right? That's like repacking a tarball for an
autotools-using project because upstream is shipping a configure
script built from an included configure.in file.

Pretty sure OpenStack at least would consider any content which
requires Debian package maintainers to alter tarballs prior to
including them in the archive as fairly serious bug in its software.
Jeremy Stanley

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