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> Hi,
> You can use pythonz, conda or pyenv to install the version of Python you
> want without to disturb your system.

​I don't need to "not disturb" system.
If have to use conda, pyenv, I would rather build Python3.6 from source
tarball, not to bring more overhead (conda body, pyenv body), and
"Python3.6 from source"​ still not disturb my system, because it is
installed to "/usr/local".

But I don't want any method that requires to build Python from source
(tarball, pythonz, conda or alike), because I really need *pre-built

As I told in the first email, I use Python in an embedded board (BeagleBone
Black), which is very limited in term of disk space and CPU.
Building Python is a very heavy job, taking nights to done, and I also want
to save flash space from storing Python source.

​So, I try to build Python as deb and use apt to install to my board. I was
successful to do so with Python 3.6.1, using the .dsc file found on Debian
buster repo. But since Python 3.6.4, the build script has changed
drastically that​ it cannot be use to build for Debian stretch.

Btw, what I need is just a build/packaging script. I don't need you to
build and publish Python3.6 to official repository.


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