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> On 2018-04-24 22:07:03 +0700 (+0700), Nguyễn Hồng Quân wrote:
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> > I don't need to "not disturb" system.
> > If have to use conda, pyenv, I would rather build Python3.6 from source
> > tarball, not to bring more overhead (conda body, pyenv body), and
> > "Python3.6 from source" still not disturb my system, because it is
> > installed to "/usr/local".
> >
> > But I don't want any method that requires to build Python from source
> > (tarball, pythonz, conda or alike), because I really need *pre-built
> > binaries*.
> [...]
> Unless I'm missing something, there's no substantial difference
> between building a package of Python3.6 and copying it to the
> system, or performing a `make altinstall` and copying the resulting
> files (via rsync, tar and scp, whatever) to the target system. If
> you're okay with the idea of building packages remotely, then why
> not build from source remotely?

​Then why Debian project invent *.deb file, not just pack binary as tar
file and let user to untar it?​
​I favor building deb file, rather than copying "make altinstall" result,
because of the same reason.​


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