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> > > Adapt it from the 3.6.1 one?
> > >
> >
> > ​Excuse me. What do​ ​you mean by "adapt"?
> Replacing the tarball and changing the version in the changelog, for a
> start.

As I told: "But there is difference in dependency hierarchy between Stretch
and Buster, so the found script produces *.deb files which are not
installable (due to missing dependencies)."

​Changing changelog file is not enough to make it works.

One example:
>From 3.6.4, the build script specifies that​ python3.6 depends on
python3-distutils, but python3-distutils doesn't exist on Debian stretch.
In 3.61, there is no this dependence relationship, so the deb is
installable on Debian stretch.

"python3-distutils" is just one of problems starting to appear from Python
3.6.4 packaging script.


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