Under a single Github account, the below packages are maintained:
- mock
- subunit
- testtools
- fixtures
- funcsigs (deprecated, py2 backport)
- testresources
- traceback2
- testscenarios
- testrepository
- extras
- linecache2

Currently, these packages are maintained by a variety of DDs, and
there's no uniform maintenance of them.

The last upload of mock 4.0.2, by Ondrej, broke *a least*:
- nova (see: #963339)
- cloudkitty (see: #963069)
- congress (see: #963312)
- rally (see: #963381)

All of the 4 packages above were able to build in Bullseye (ie: mock
3.0.5) and FTBFS in Sid (with mock 4.0.2).

Well done! :(

Obviously, these couldn't be tested with Mock 4.x at the time of the
last OpenStack freeze, because Mock 4.x didn't exist. However, OpenStack
regularly increases the dependency versions and tries to stay current,
so no blame to be put on OpenStack upstream, just on mock package
maintenance here.

Ondrej, you once cared for the OpenStack packages. Why are you now
completely careless?

More over, mock debhelper was upgraded to 13, for no apparent reason
(yet another "cosmetic fix" that isn't helping?). I'd like to remind
everyone that, increasing debhelper compat version to a number that
isn't in stable, without a specific reason (like the need of a specific
feature that wasn't there before) is just annoying for anyone
maintaining backports. That's truth even for when debhelper itself is
backported to oldstable (it's always nicer to be able to build a
backport without requiring another backport at build time).

I don't want this to happen again. So I am hereby asking to take over
the maintenance of these packages which aren't in the OpenStack team.
They will be updated regularly, each 6 months, with the rest of
OpenStack, following the upstream global-requirement pace. I'm confident
it's going to work well for me and the OpenStack team, but as well for
the rest of Debian.

Is anyone from the team opposing to this? If so, please explain the
drawbacks if the OpenStack team takes over.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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