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> OS is *just* another software we package for
> Debian; is it complex? sure, but it's not special, and it doesnt
> warrant any special treatment.

I am afraid when you say this.
First of all, that's not completely true. But I don't want to go there.

What I want to emphasis more on is:
It's okay if you don't want to treat packages in a "special" way,
that's totally fine!
But what's **not** fine is breaking something else whilst updating
something else.
That is just NOT...okay.

Sometimes it just happens (accidentally or whatever) but I think even then, the
person who does that should at least look up at the packages broken,
try to fix it,
and if it lies something outside their scope (because of time
constraints, etc), the
least they can do is report this to the respective maintainer(s) or at
least raise to
the list so that people who can, will help!

If everyone uploaded what they felt like without taking care of what's breaking,
the whole of Debian would just be chaos.

And I think, that's not the way it should be. At all.
And I completely agree with Thomas' statement when he says,
"No, this is not how Debian works, it never was, and hopefully, never will."

I love Ondrej and I love Thomas. And this mail has nothing to do with them.
Instead, this is a mail to everyone.
And while at it, I'd also request everyone to be a little empathetic.
I really hope that's not much to ask, is it!?

> It'd be nice if we had a framework to be able to rebuild all reverse
> build-dependency when we update a package. But currently, we don't have
> such CI. If one volunteers to write it, probably we can find some
> compute resources to make it happen. That's probably the way out, and
> IMO we should really all think about it.

There exists such a thing which I use daily: ruby-team/meta[1].
The meta/build script is (hopefully and exactly) what we need here!

It checks all the reverse(-build)-dependencies and lets you know what's
going to break as soon as you dput.

[1]: https://salsa.debian.org/ruby-team/meta

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