> Is anyone from the team opposing to this?

Yes, i'm against your proposal.

> If so, please explain the
> drawbacks if the OpenStack team takes over.

1. you're personally attacking Ondrej, who is one of the very few
members of this team doing team-wide work, and that should be enough
to reject it
2. this is clearly an hostile take-over (even if you frame it as a
proposal), and that should be enough to reject it
3. you propose to only update those packages every 6 months, i dont
find it appropriate: OS is *just* another software we package for
Debian; is it complex? sure, but it's not special, and it doesnt
warrant any special treatment.
4. you clearly want to have sole and absolute control of the packages
in the openstack-team, because what would happen if a os-team member
will upgrade one of those packages (in good faith) and things will
break? will they get another "well done! :( " email from you?
4.1. You wonder why Ondrey "stopped caring" about OS, if that's the
case, i could see why
5. consolidating packages *into* the DPMT/PAPT gives a lot of
benefits, f.e. people basically got "free" handling of the py2removal
process; moving packages out is actually detrimental for the python
ecosystem (at least that's my opinion).

Thomas, this is not the first time your temperament and aggressive
behavior is causing some troubles, please reassess how you interact
and work with other fellow contributors.

Sandro "morph" Tosi
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