On 6/29/20 7:35 PM, Utkarsh Gupta wrote:
>> Running the script shows that 279 reverse (build?) dependencies are
>> affected by mock. This clearly isn't something one wants to run on a
>> personal computer, and even less a test which one wants to run sequentially.
> Haha, right.
> What we (me and a couple others) do is run this build script on a
> server (via screen) and call it a night :P
> And we get the list of broken packages in the morning!
> But of course, this is not a very "professional" way of doing it.

What we could do, is use nodepool from OpenStack, and use instances
donated by generous cloud providers (that's not hard to find, really,
I'm convinced that all the providers that are donating to the OpenStack
are likely to also donate compute time to Debian). And then we could
launch 150 builds at a time on 150 VMs. Then the time to wait is only
the time of the longest build.

>> Has any thought went into having some kind of runners running on a cloud
>> to run these tests, and maybe plug this into Salsa's CI to run it
>> automatically?
> This seems to be a nice idea!
> I am not sure if someone had the time or energy to do this, but this
> is something we'd definitely love \o/

To get this to happen, we have no other way but using the power of some
kind of cloud / HTC.

>> I'd very much would love to set this up, at least as a first
>> experimentation on a bunch of package of the DPMT.
> Me too!

I shall resume packaging nodepool then...


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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