Hi Riccardo,

ok, so where could we "hire" a graphics driver developer that would be willing 
(will get paid) to support the SPARC community? At least with a "decent" X 
support we can do most of the things. And the more people can use it on SPARC 
we may attract more people to return to the platform.



´╗┐Am 27.08.21, 18:44 schrieb "Riccardo Mottola" <riccardo.mott...@libero.it>:


    Phillip Stevens wrote:
    >     > I can only comment on mach64 on 32 bit Sparc, it was working
    >     fine. The
    >     > desktop was reasonably responsive.
    >     Did you try the mach64 driver that was reintroduced to the Debian
    >     package archive?
    > Not yet.

    How are things with it? I think I use it on the iBook G3, which, while 
    not SPARC, is still a Big Endian system. Didn't upgrade since some time. 
    it is an incredibly used chip in its many variations, from laptop to 
    servers with many variants!

    I'd conribute to a bounty too to improve support for these cards, or 
    test myself on this system. Also the newer RV350 based card I have on 
    mac has issues with textures an artefacts not seen on intel systems. But 
    I don't know if a card based on it was used in Suns.


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