One of the issues we've encountered following a recent Jessie upgrade, (around 5th September) is an rsync script seems to have changed behaviour.

We've been using rsync for a daily automated incremental backup and have three scripts to maintain an archive of daily snapshots for a week; weekly snapshots for a month; and 6 monthly snapshots (files are irretrievable 6months after they been deleted from the backed up server).

We've two pairs of FileServer and BackupServer, rsyncd runs on FileServer and the following daily script on BackupServer


# This script is called daily from cron to perform overnight backups
# The full paths of the programs used in this script

# Good rsync options for FileServer_backups.
    rsync_opts="-av --delete --delete-excluded"

# The name of the file containing the rsync connection password

# A list of files and directories that do not need to be backed up
     exclude_list="music funstuff cma/TransitStuff lost+found/"
     for exclude in $exclude_list; do
     excludes="$excludes --exclude=$exclude"

# define NOW for adding date to rsync log filename eg. FileServer.date
    NOW=$(date +"%F.%H:%M")

# Move all other backups up a level. Copy previous backup to /backup/daily.
# Backup FileServer according to the [rsync] sections of the rsyncd.conf files # on FileServer. Use the password given in /etc/.rs_pass. Dump any output and
# error messages to /var/rsync/FileServer
    mv /home/backup/snapshot/day.5 /home/backup/snapshot/day.6
    mv /home/backup/snapshot/day.4 /home/backup/snapshot/day.5
    mv /home/backup/snapshot/day.3 /home/backup/snapshot/day.4
    mv /home/backup/snapshot/day.2 /home/backup/snapshot/day.3
    mv /home/backup/snapshot/day.1 /home/backup/snapshot/day.2
    cp -al /home/backup/home /home/backup/snapshot/day.1
    $rsync $rsync_opts $password FileServer::rsync \
/home/backup/home/ > /var/rsync/FileServer.$NOW.log

The incremental backups have worked seamlessly for over 10 years but recently, possibly related to the upgrade of Debian Jessie, the exclude options have ceased to have effect.

I've dug around the docs but haven't found anything relevant. Any suggestions as to what may be wrong?



Clive Menzies

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