On 17-09-2016 07:42, Clive Menzies wrote:
> Hi
> One of the issues we've encountered following a recent Jessie upgrade,
> (around 5th September) is an rsync script seems to have changed behaviour.
> We've been using rsync for a daily automated incremental backup and
> have three scripts to maintain an archive of daily snapshots for a
> week; weekly snapshots for a month; and 6 monthly snapshots (files are
> irretrievable 6months after they been deleted from the backed up server).
> We've two pairs of FileServer and BackupServer, rsyncd runs on
> FileServer and the following daily script on BackupServer
> #!/bin/bash
> # This script is called daily from cron to perform overnight backups
> # The full paths of the programs used in this script
>     rm=/bin/rm
>     mv=/bin/mv
>     cp=/bin/cp
>     rsync=/usr/bin/rsync
> # Good rsync options for FileServer_backups.
>     rsync_opts="-av --delete --delete-excluded"
> # The name of the file containing the rsync connection password
>     password="--password-file=/etc/.rs_pass"
> # A list of files and directories that do not need to be backed up
>      exclude_list="music funstuff cma/TransitStuff lost+found/"
>      excludes=""
>      for exclude in $exclude_list; do
>      excludes="$excludes --exclude=$exclude"
>  done
> # define NOW for adding date to rsync log filename eg. FileServer.date
>     NOW=$(date +"%F.%H:%M")
> # Move all other backups up a level. Copy previous backup to
> /backup/daily.
> # Backup FileServer according to the [rsync] sections of the
> rsyncd.conf files
> # on FileServer. Use the password given in /etc/.rs_pass. Dump any
> output and
> # error messages to /var/rsync/FileServer
>     mv /home/backup/snapshot/day.5 /home/backup/snapshot/day.6
>     mv /home/backup/snapshot/day.4 /home/backup/snapshot/day.5
>     mv /home/backup/snapshot/day.3 /home/backup/snapshot/day.4
>     mv /home/backup/snapshot/day.2 /home/backup/snapshot/day.3
>     mv /home/backup/snapshot/day.1 /home/backup/snapshot/day.2
>     cp -al /home/backup/home /home/backup/snapshot/day.1
>     $rsync $rsync_opts $password FileServer::rsync \
>     /home/backup/home/ > /var/rsync/FileServer.$NOW.log
> The incremental backups have worked seamlessly for over 10 years but
> recently, possibly related to the upgrade of Debian Jessie, the
> exclude options have ceased to have effect.
> I've dug around the docs but haven't found anything relevant. Any
> suggestions as to what may be wrong?

You define $excludes, but you don't seem to use it anywhere.

BTW, your rotating backups are basically what rsnapshot does, you might
want to look at that.


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