On 19/09/16 12:31, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
The classic remedy would be to set the missing variables inside the
cronjob script.

Consider to put some "echo" commands into the script and direct them to
a log file:

    echo "Currently at: ..." >>$log_file

This should give you an idea what part of the script causes the premature

Thanks Thomas

I confess, I've not originated scripts before and so am on a steep learning curve. Your suggestion was very useful but my implementation is poor. It did yield useful information though.

It didn't find the exclude_list I created. I modified the script to point to it but clearly the syntax is not right

# Good rsync options for uhuru_backups.
    rsync_opts="-av --exclude-from=exclude_list --delete --delete-excluded"

# exclude list location:

echo "Currently at line 17">>$log_file

The log reported thus:
/root/uhuru_backup/uhuru.daily.sh: line 17: $log_file: ambiguous redirect
rsync: failed to open exclude file exclude_list: No such file or directory (2)
rsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at exclude.c(1179) [client=3.1.1]



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