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Jimmy Johnson <field.engin...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 09/15/2016 09:58 AM, Joe wrote:

> >>  
> >
> > Synaptic still broken on Sid for me, fully upgraded except for a few
> > packages which won't.  
> Hi Joe, why not use both testing and sid repos and get a full
> upgrade, both my Sid systems are full upgraded with me using both
> repos.  Good luck!

On my desktop sid/xfce4 machine, I do a full upgrade pretty much every
day, apart from any buggy or uninstallable packages, of which I
currently have five.

I don't actually use Synaptic much, generally for poking around when a
lot of packages won't upgrade, to find the ones which will. It runs for
a few mouse actions, then dies and needs a kill -9 to remove the
process. Sometimes it will run long enough to do an upgrade, which
works fine. Aptitude and apt-get are both working reliably.

I also usually have trouble booting from the current 4.7 kernel, so I'm
mostly using 4.6. Whether the problems are related, I don't know. I
can't find any smoking guns anywhere. I'm not aware of any other
software which isn't working. I run PCB with the GTK interface, which
is a fairly complex and demanding beast, and it doesn't seem to have any

I've reported the Synaptic problem, which is fairly repeatable, but not
the kernel one as I get wildly differing screen messages at the time of
the crash, which suggests the fundamental fault isn't related to any of
them. I can find no clues at all about that.


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