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The latest upgrades have broken Synaptic, unable to use Menus or
right click and Search is affected too.

Thank you upstream developing and packaging team for replacing the
effected packages. Yay!

These packages have now been upgraded in Sid, 'gir1.2-gtk-3.0,
libgtk-3-0. libgtk-3-bin. libgtk-3-common' if you have been using
testing and where effected you can temp add Sid repos and upgrade
the effected packages, it will pull in a few more packages, but it
is fixed.

I have the latest of these, 3.21.6-1 in sid, upgraded today as usual.

If you decide to upgrade those 4 packages to Sid, select all 4
packages first and it will NOT pull in any extra packages and
Synaptic will be fixed in KDE Plasma.

In XFCE4 for sure "and possibly Gnome too" do above plus if you have
'gtk3-engines-xfce' installed remove it it's not needed in XFCE and
Synaptic will be fixed. There's no reason for you to have a broken

I have no gtk3-engines- installed.

I still have a quickly dying Synaptic. I've just noticed that
gnome-terminal is filling the kernel log with masses of:

'<something> <somenumber> is drawn without a current allocation. This
should not happen.'

This seems to have been ongoing for a couple of months, and GTK3 is
strongly incriminated, RedHat being also affected, various reports
involving emacs and other GTK3 users. The death of my Synaptic produces
no log entries.

Do you have package 'upgrade-system' installed? And or do you use deborphan? Do you use both testing and sid repos? I do not have your problem on "6" testing/sid installs. Good luck.
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