i looked at the confirmation request from my subscription here, a year ago.
The hope for a HTTP link dwindles. But there is the advise to send a mail

  To:      debian-user-requ...@lists.debian.org
  Subject: unsubscribe bzaka...@umich.edu

If this does not help, then send your problem report to


My confirmation request mail has this statement:
  If you are unable to subscribe to our lists through this mechanism,
  please contact us at listmas...@lists.debian.org
Probably yours will have a similar one about unsubscription.

Be invited to ask here for help with interpreting the confirmation
request mail.

Brian wrote:
> But he can reply to either of our mails.

Yeah. But i expect that the automat at debian-user-requ...@lists.debian.org
will insist in getting the unsubscription from the subscribed mail and
not from some potential imposter.
A HTTP link with lenghty id string would nicely break up this circle. 
Who gets the confirmation request is entitled to confirm. Very consistent.

Well, let's see what Benjamin's attempts to unsubscribe yield as reply.
(Crossing fingers.)

> I needn't have sent a  Cc:.

Maybe it helps with thread display on his mail client.
Possibly he mass deletes all debian-user mails.

Have a nice day :)


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