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> Sadly that doesn't help with the OP's problem.  That requires access to
> the subscribed email address.  He no longer has access to the
> subscribed email address and everything is being forwarded to him so he
> wants to stop it..

Here I set up a "fake" account in my email client to handle mail from my
sourceforge account. So if sf forwards some email to me I can reply with
my usern...@users.sf.net address and to the receivers it will look as if
the reply was actually sent through a sf server (unless they look closely
at some of the usually "hidden" header lines). I guess the OP could do the
same for his umich.edu account.
I don't know though if gmail would deliver such an email with a "fake"
"from"-address, freenet.de obviously does and they are probably not
the only mail provider doing so.
I doubt that this will be necessary, though, since I believe the first
suggestion from Thomas Schmitt should do the trick.



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