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>> Brian wrote:
>>> How are you reading these replies?
>> By mails forwarded from the subscribed address to the unsubscribed one.
>> I understand he cannot send mail from the subscribed address.


> THEN... in a case like this thread is seeming to say, the user would
> receive the then generated volatile security conscious unsubscribe
> link/URL because it was *forwarded* from "abc" to "xyz". One quick
> click moments later, and the unsubscribe action is completed...

That's what I thought too. Otherwise, a malicious person might
unsubscribe our finest poster. Easily done using the online form 


in which you enter the subscribed email address at the bottom of the form.

In any case it was a lovely joke on the part of the OP (perhaps we're an
ongoing part of the joke, who knows) and now he can maybe look up all
the nuances of the word "backfire" in a nearby dictionary.

“It is enough that the arrows fit exactly in the wounds that they have made.”
Franz Kafka

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