On 9/20/16, Thomas Schmitt <scdbac...@gmx.net> wrote:
> Benjamin R. Zakarin wrote:
>> Therefore I implore of you to entirely scrub bzaka...@umich.edu from ALL
> I don't know whether anybody listens here who has the power to do so.
> Did you already try the "Unsubscribe" button on
>   https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/
> with the bzaka...@umich.edu address in the "Your email address:" field ?
> I assume you will get a mail (forwarded to benjamin.zaka...@gmail.com)
> with hopefully a HTTP link for confirmation.
> If it works, then go to the mass unsubscription site
>   https://www.debian.org/MailingLists/unsubscribe
> and check all affected lists. The button is at the bottom.
> Brian wrote:
>> How are you reading these replies?
> By mails forwarded from the subscribed address to the unsubscribed one.
> I understand he cannot send mail from the subscribed address.

What you said above is somewhere in line with what hit my brain first.
Next thought I had was that some [listserv email programs] (sorry,
that's for lack of better terminology right now).... some [listserv
email programs] are set up where you can do something like type "help"
as an email's body content addressed to a list's overlord admin email

In computerized response, you receive back a sometimes phenomenally
sized email containing things like what you're signed up for and how
you can take certain actions regarding your participation in each

Actions you might take would be things like come and go from digest
format... subscribe and unsubscribe.. take a vacation break from
receiving emails... those kinds of things.

SOME programs even let you subscribe and unsubscribe a secondary email
address that's different from the email you're using. The format would
be that email addy "x...@example.com" would send an email with the body
text reading "unsubscribe a...@example.com".

THEN... in a case like this thread is seeming to say, the user would
receive the then generated volatile security conscious unsubscribe
link/URL because it was *forwarded* from "abc" to "xyz". One quick
click moments later, and the unsubscribe action is completed...

IF... the user does have control over the "xyz" email account.... AND
IF the now mostly defunct "abc" account is really forwarding all
incoming emails to "xyz".

This feature really does exist somewhere out there, but I can't
remember which block of lists I was following that used it. Might have
even been something dotGov health oriented ten years ago. If something
like that doesn't exist here, it's a nice user friendly feature for
those moments like this thread. There were also a couple other neat
things about it that escape my brain this moment unfortunately but
that always intrigued when I remembered to play around with it.

Just thinking out loud.. :)

Cindy :)

Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

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