>Modify or Re design the VCL??? You guys a gotta be in ga ga land. Man, like
>this is bullshit. Max Fox was onto it, and said it all for me.....I mean
>lets get a little practical about all this. Are all your egos so inflated
>that you actually think you can out do the guys in Borland ??? So why are
>you still in this country working at all???

>let me ask you all one question... Have you seriously read and understood
>Borlands code?

The intent was not to rewrite all of borlands code... much of it is fine but
several base controls which could benefit from a ground up rebuild and in
nature of OOP can provide an incremental approach to providing a richer set
of controls - preferably designed to be extended at the outset instead of
up control hacked up to provide entensibility.

No I don't understand ALL of borlands code, I have read some and the
has not been that difficult - better documentation of intent for much of the
would assist of course...

By beginning an open source project, skills in documentation and learning of
detailed windows programming can be gained by other members of this list
more rapidly than the piecemeal, hit and miss approach of asking when
The results of this work may or may not present direct benefits to our
development but they will serve to teach and to illustrate shortcomings and
in existing delphi development.

>No, I don't want to be flamed, thats why I left this list before for a year

Then your wording could do with some work...

Much of the discussion of the VCL shortcomings are inflamatory - the
of a solution will be more beneficial for learners and provide a testing
ground for
experienced designers.

In short let's not be so negative... The number of list members and their
range of skills
is a formidable resource...


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