Mark Derricutt asked:

> Max/Ian have spoken at great lengths decribing how to replaced TEdit and
> the Grids, I wonder, how much do these new controls rely on the
> underlying Win32 API....

100% pure GDI and Windows event handling is used in the production of these
new controls 8-)

> Would it be possible to write these things in such a way that we
> abstract any Win32 specifics out of the system, so that a GTK, QT, or
> even Motif back end be used to provide cross platform cababilities?
> Any thoughts????  Am I dreaming without a pillow as usual or what??

There are already a couple of OpenSource type efforts underway to do a VCL
type library based on one of the X toolkits for the Free Pascal Compiler

Cheers, Max.

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