> The origins of Object Pascal were with Apple. They managed to implement it
> without the Win32 API.

Object Pascal has nothing to do with the VCL - aside from that fact that
written in OP. OP has NO ties Win32. The VCL is build on Win32, it
exists around its messaging model etc. If you have a hunt around in
system.pas etc, you can see that there is a LOT of low level crap there
(99% of which is ASM) to translate from procedural/message based to
OO/message based. And its far from pretty (tho it does work very well)

Oh, and the OP on the mac is, well, rather different, as far as I can
remember, to delphi. Some of the basics are the same, but over all -
different beast (Delphi is way ahead).
> Serioucsly I think that the current projects for porting a Delphi like
> system to Linux are worth looking at.

Definatly. I can't agree more. All thats needed is an OP compiler (ala
FreePascal?), some way to import the libX shared libs (taking Linux as
an example) and about 3 man-years or more of time.

Unpaid. No thanks. I have quite enough on my plate at present.....

> Anything that is designed to run on Windows is heavily dependent on Windows
> architecture. IRD is currently copping a lot of heat in the media because
> they insist that employers file their PAYE returns via a web page containing
> ActiveX controls, which of course are MS Windows proprietary :)

:) Kinda. ActiveX will run under MacOS and Unix. But not the same binary
(not even close). If they have done this (and AFAIK, from IDG, they
have), they have screwed quite a few pooches in one hit. Well done. Only
IBM and and Police thing could do it better....

Not a good look. :)

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