On Tue, 2018-04-10 at 11:31 -0400, Freeman Gilmore wrote:
> For a 16th note the accidental over rights the earlier note, need to
> have scheme move the note forward to make room for the accidental. 

It is the line 

 (d-DirectivePut-note-gx tag -10)

that is controlling the position of the accidental graphic in the x-
direction. You could make them closer by shifting less than 10 pixels.
You could even move an individual one to make the display clearer
(double click on the note and choose Object Editor and choose
"Advanced" from the buttons for the "makam" directive. Then change the
value of the gx field.

>    I need to check this, but I recall that if you have an #A and hit
> a button the new accidental will over right the #.

yes it is putting the accidental where an accidental would go, if you
want both to be visible in the Display you would choose a different gx
(or even move it vertically with gy). The output LilyPond would be the
syntax for both accidentals, which is not likely to be what you want.  

Remember: that this has nothing to do with what you will see typeset -
it is just to help you see clearly what music you have put in.


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