Hi Heiko,

on Hackfest Hamburg Armin and me decided to start a project for making layers ODF conform. We detect some aspects which touch UI.

In ODF there exist no special roles for layers. The special handling of "Control" and "Dimension Line" layers is not reflected in file format. We want to remove them both.

a) The layer "Dimension Line" is used automatically, if a dimension line is inserted. The initial idea had been to separate dimension lines from the rest of the drawing with minimal effort for the user. An advanced user can still use an own layer to separate the dimension lines from the rest of the drawing. We would only loose, that a dimension line is _automatically_ inserted onto this layer, even if the layer is not the active one.

b) Objects for form controls are in non-design mode real windows. As such they are always in front of other content. To mimic this behavior in design mode, the layer "Control" has got the special feature, that objects on it are forced to be in z-order in front of all other objects. If removing this special handling, the form controls are still always in front in non-design mode, but might be behind other objects in edit mode.

To be able to remove these two layers would result in only one default layer in normal view, so that the layer tab bar can be hidden by default. So a normal user would no longer be confused by two layers, he cannot delete and its purpose he does not understand.
Advanced users can still insert own layers.

What do you think about this plan?

Kind regards

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