When I do it in person with people, I rarely say the budget like that. I'll usually not include it in my initial pitch, and then either wait for them to ask about it, or as soon as I'm done with the pitch I'll say something like, "Of course, the first question everyone asks is what happens if a project has massive growth?" And then I'll explain how we have a site-wide budget (not per-project), and how that's actually a good thing because it helps direct your money to the projects that actually have enough supporters to make a difference.

Basically it boils down to, most of the time, I have more than 45 seconds to explain snowdrift to someone. I don't want to take my time or risk losing their interest, but I'm more concerned with getting the overall idea across (it's a way to donate *conditionally*) and then I can straighten out the details later.

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Ok, I'm not sure if it's far far better, but I'm ok with it. Maybe I just read it badly to that person and that's why he was confused... :)

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On 01/09/2017 09:41 AM, J.wuensch wrote:
> Hey guys,
> All in all it's pretty good! But there is one thing I noticed when I > read the text to other people. It's the "site-wide" budget in part 7
> that seems to be a bit confusing.
> 7. And your pledges stay active as long as they fit within your
> site-wide budget.
> I would replace "your site-wide budget" with "your defined monthly budget":
> 7. And your pledges stay active as long as they fit within your defined
> monthly budget.
> Why: Firstly, I think no one will get, what you mean by a "site-wide > budget". It's just to abstract. I read it to two people and they didn't > get that part... How the mechanism of the budget is working should be > easily clarified on the website later. I think for the video it's only
> important, that you know there is a budget limit that you can set
> yourself. If it's side-wite or not, is not important in the first
> place. Secondly in this version it's more obvious that you can define
> the budget yourself. And thirdly, it's an additional hint, that
> snowdrift is about monthly payments. I know, there are already two, but
> as this is an important point I think it's ok to mention it again.

Thanks for the reply, but "your defined monthly budget" is absolutely
not going to work. It's FAR FAR better for people to say "site-wide
budget? How does that work?" than to have the WRONG idea "oh, I get to
set a cap for how much I give to each project".

We are NOT offering people to cap each project, we are giving them ONE
overall site-wide (or system-wide, there are other wordings for these
things) budget. If the total of *all* their pledges goes past their
limit, then the project that grew will be dropped until they decide to drop others instead or to change their budget limit. We don't have time
to explain that, but we don't want anyone to have the wrong idea that
you can have a per-project budget.

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