On 11/1/19 4:03 PM, Andrew Sutherland wrote:
On 11/1/19 4:39 PM, Kim Moir wrote:
On Nov 14, 2019, we intend to change the permissions associated with Level 3 access to revoke direct push access to hg.mozilla.org on mozilla-inbound,
mozilla-central, mozilla-beta, mozilla-release and esr repos.

For mozilla-beta, mozilla-release, and esr... does lando know how to land to these, or is it the case that landings on these branches are done based on the approval flags by people other than the patch author?

I ask because if I create a branch based on the hg unified repo "release" tag and then use `moz-phab` to create a review, I assume what happens if I try and land with "lando" is that it will try and land the commit against mozilla-central and it may succeed if the file hasn't changed too much in central versus where it was on the release branch.

I recently encountered this situation too. Perhaps I just haven't read the right document, but what is the current procedure for manual backports?

I'm now accustomed to the Magic Backporting van der Fairy doing most of my backports for me based on the approval flags. But if a patch doesn't apply cleanly then I manually rebase onto the beta and/or esr branch. If I can't push those myself, should I manually clear out the Phabricator revision ID in the commit message so I can use moz-phab or phabsend to create a new phabricator revision? I know those have a repo callsign of MOZILLACENTRAL -- does that cover beta and esr too, or is there a different callsign to use?

Or should I dig out bzexport and attach the patch to the bug? (That's what I did, but I felt like I was leaning on van der Fairy's good graces.)

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