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> For mozilla-beta, mozilla-release, and esr... does lando know how to 
> land to these, or is it the case that landings on these branches are 
> done based on the approval flags by people other than the patch author?

I'm working on bringing the uplift request workflow to Phabricator and Lando.
When that work is done, you will be able to make an uplift request for any 
mozilla-central patch towards mozilla-beta, mozilla-release, and esr from Lando.

> I ask because if I create a branch based on the hg unified repo 
> "release" tag and then use `moz-phab` to create a review, I assume what 
> happens if I try and land with "lando" is that it will try and land the 
> commit against mozilla-central and it may succeed if the file hasn't 
> changed too much in central versus where it was on the release branch.

The workflow will also support diffs directly created on a repository that 
needs approval from Release Management: you will be able to use Lando to fill 
the uplift form and directly update your existing revision.

This work is still in early stages, and we are planning to iterate with Release 
Management and a few developers on the best workflow. I'll send an update to 
dev-platform once it's available.


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