Also sprach Kim Moir:

> On Nov 14, 2019, we intend to change the permissions associated
> with Level 3 access to revoke direct push access to
> on mozilla-inbound,

Several modules have a policy that changes to documentation, e.g.
for, can be landed with
a=doc if you’re a peer.  There has been discussion on this list
several times in the last few years about expanding this policy to
apply to the whole project.

The background is that as MDN is moving away from serving
Mozilla-specific developer documentation to be centred around the
web platform, there is a rising need to make it easy to keep developer
docs in-tree up to date.

Documentation changes have historically been well served by a “wiki
editing”/micro adjustments approach.  I wonder if there is anything
we can do with Phabricator to ease review requirements for documentation
changes from peers?

Lastly, I sympathise with wanting to reduce the number of routes a
patch can take to reach central.  This will in the long term make
it easier to write automated tooling for SCM (such as wptsync) and
audit changes.
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