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> On 11/2/19 12:53 PM, Andreas Tolfsen wrote:
>> Documentation changes have historically been well served by a “wiki
>> editing”/micro adjustments approach.  I wonder if there is anything
>> we can do with Phabricator to ease review requirements for documentation
>> changes from peers?
> I think you can land patches without review even with Lando. I
> personally think that's acceptable for typo fixes / documentation
> updates / etc.

I just tried this on a documentation change and found the process
a little confusing, so I will share my experience here.

Phabricator will not let you self-review a change, but Lando will
as Emilio says, allow anyone with Commit Access Level 3 to _land_
changes unreviewed.

You have to click the grayed-out “View stack in Lando” link in the
right hand side column and dismiss these warnings:

> • Has a review intended to block landing.
> • Is not Accepted.
> • No reviewer has accepted the current diff.

It would be nice if Phabricator would let L3 authors self-review
so that the commit message could be rewritten to indicate that the
change was r=me.

The inability to self-review in Phabricator also means it’s not
possible to remove blocking reviewers automatically added by Herald

I hope this helps everyone trying to land typo correction,
documentations updates, and similar fixups.

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