On 30/03/17 15:01, Peter Kurrasch wrote:
> By "not new", are you referring to Google being the second(?)
> instance where a company has purchased an individual root cert from
> another company? It's fair enough to say that Google isn't the first
> but I'm not aware of any commentary or airing of opposing viewpoints
> as to the suitability of this practice going forward.

As noted, I have no interest in banning this practice because I think
the ecosystem effects would be negative.

> Has Mozilla received any notification that other companies ‎intend to
> acquire individual roots from another CA? 

Not to my knowledge, but they may have been communicating with Kathleen.

> Also, does Mozilla have any policies (requirements?) regarding
> individual root acquisition? 


> For example, how frequently should roots
> be allowed to change hands? What would Mozilla's response be if
> WoSign were to say that because of the tarnishing of their own brand
> they are acquiring the HARICA root? 

From the above URL: "In addition, if the receiving company is new to the
Mozilla root program, there must also be a public discussion regarding
their admittance to the root program."

Without completing the necessary steps, WoSign would not be admitted to
the root program.

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